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The amazing virtual reality game for learning languages (VR Glasses included)

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 VR Glasses Heromask
Basic Game Only one language
 VR Glasses Heromask
Full Game All languages included.
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Hi!!! Heromask has been a success. My husband and my child were amazed!

- Ana -


  • 3D Glasses Heromask
    • Interpupillary Adjustment (suitable for the eyes of both children and adults)
    • Built-in button (it does not need batteries!) and centered (suitable for both right-handed and left-handed)
  • Video game Heromask Foreign Languages
    • Award-winning game that helps to learn French, German, Spanish, English and Chinese with virtual reality. Play it in family!
    • Design to surprise girls and boys of 5, 6, 7, 8…, until 12 years old. That's why other customers usually buy it as an original birthday or Christmas gift.
  • Instructions
    • Play is easy. Just install the game in a compatible Android or iPhone phone and place it in your Heromask. Visit tutorial for an extended explanation.
    • Feel free to leave us a comment on the bottom of this page. We will research for you inf your smartphone is compatible with virtual reality or not.

You should tell other parents it works because it is not another learning method but a game!

- Manuel -

Other uses

You can also use the Heromask viewer to play other virtual games or watch virtual reality videos on YouTube!

My son is deeply excited with Hero Mask. It's the best gift of the Universe, the trees, the planets, the meals... In other words, now we have to plan a trip to China... You could say you show all your availability and kindness to solve all the little issues we had and help us to buy a good smartphone as I needed a new one...

- Idoia -

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