Thank you for trusting HeroMask !

You'll love it, you'll see! ­čśë

Like anything new, you may find it difficult to use: nothing is further from the truth, we have designed it with ease of use ahead of you. The steps are:

a) Watch this introductory video (if you haven't watched it yet)
b) Download the app on your phone from Google Play or Apple Store.
c) Open the app and type the activation code included in the package.
d) Introduce the phone into the glasses and play!

Some notes:

  • The button is on the bottom of the 3D glasses and at first seems uncomfortable, but it is not. The correct way to hold the glasses is putting the 4 fingers in front of the glasses. The button should be pressed to "out" and not to "up".
  • The game has to be visualised perfect with our 3D glasses. If not, simply adjust them to your eyes with the top buttons of the glasses.

Enjoy! And for any issues, do not hesitate to write us.