Hearing difficulties

Children spend hours playing violent shooter games like Call of Duty.

HeroMask is a modification of a shooter to be super motivating to start learning a new language, or as a reward or reinforcement if he/she is already learning. We have substituted violence for education and it is working!

Although we designed this toy for children from 5 to 12 years old, we were surprised and happy to discover that they are especially useful for people with hearing difficulties when we recorded this video for Sign Language, by the Spanish National Television.

Alba trying out HeroMask, a lovely girl with a cochlear implant

Contact us to know more about what we have learnt about your specific learning difficulty.

We are not experts in hearing difficulties but we are honest and we know how to ask professionals who are 🙂

Is it already on sale?

It is! It is a totally inclusive toy with which any child (and adult) will hallucinate. New: at the request of some parents with Spanish children with hearing difficulties, now HEROMASK also includes the Spanish language (English is also included for English kids; and French, German, Chinese...).

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