Media reports

Many media at regional, national and even international level have talked about HeroMask.

At the moment, there are more than 5000 articles on Google, so here we only show a small selection of them.

Videos of parents influencers

PATRULLA CANINA: SUPER VIDEOJUEGO DE REALIDAD VIRTUAL! Peppa Pig viaja a China y aprende chino con los gameplays de Hero Mask Toys MaryVer Unboxing by crecer en inglés Los juguetes de Arantxa Toys & happy kids

Other videos and interviews

EnRed (AndaluciaTV) Our CEO in days of education Madrid Televisión Española, reportaje de Aquí Hay Trabajo Andalusian Stories HeroMask, an innovative virtual reality video game to learn languages Píldora Innobar Mario Márquez Hero Mask Presentación en el CADE Carlos Helder In sign language (Spain National TV report) VII Jornadas eMadrid “Education in exponential times”. Entrevista a Mario Márquez, Educa Inventions. 03/07/2017 ¡Nuestro primer crowdfunding! Historias De Luz - Hero Mask, un innovador videojuego de realidad virtual para aprender idiomas Kids explain what Heromask is


Written articles

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