Virtual Reality

The intent of this article is explaining what is Virtual Reality in a clear and simple way:

  • Currently, virtual reality is achieved wearing a VR headset. When you wear it, you can look in all directions and see it in 3D. It is also very common to use audio headphones, so that the sound also comes from all directions like reality. The effect is far more realistic that 3D TV or cinema as you can actually turn your head to see everywhere: behind you, left, right...
  • There are also more professional alternatives that also include controllers that detect the movement of the hands to pick up objects, move them, etc.
  • Finally, there are a lot of innovative technologies around virtual reality like surfaces that allow running, gloves that allow to feel or even helmets that release smells (this is still very limited today).

However, now experiencing virtual reality at home is simple and cheap if you have a little help. Do you want to know how? Continue reading...



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Go ahead and try Virtual Reality by yourself now. We promise to help you in the procedure of using VR properly.

We are a small company that has created an award-winning game to learn a new language with VR. So buying the Heromask pack you are not only buying a VR glasses but also helping to develop our social company to help kids to have a better education.

Cheap Chinese VR Glasses


  • Questionable quality
  • Thousand of models: hard to find a good one
  • Low quality or no support

Professional VR headsets


  • Professional headsets like HTC VIVE costs more than $1000
  • It also requires a high performance computer (it also cost around $1000)
  • Both headset and computer are not portable and hard to move from one place to another

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